Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 7 - ready to go

After a week of steady work, making minor changes and amendments, the Internal Evaluation report is currently being printed, ready for binding and handing in on Monday. I've also been to London to look at a case study site for my paid research, which was useful, but took a day (at least) out of the diary.

My point for reflection this week comes from seeing the thesis taking shape, from a "bird's eye view" of the Evaluation document of 100 pages. It's 27,000 words, and though this sounds vast and potentially unmanageable, I can see its argument and focus quite clearly throughout the various sections, and a completed 70,000+ thesis isn't so scary any more.

Next week I need to start a structured analysis process on the interview transcripts, and make some progress with the paid research case studies, so next Friday I'll have something to report on these.

And meanwhile in the real world, we saw Mogadishu at the Royal Exchange and I had a quick (and it was only 20 minutes) trot to the 20th century European section of the glorious British Museum while I was in London and admired some Art Deco bits and pieces.

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