Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PhD progress - introduction

This heading implies I’m at the start and this is a comprehensive account of my progress towards the Holy Grail of PhD. Sadly it’s more of a kick up the bum for me to account for my PhD-related action in public on a weekly basis as I move towards writing up and then completion. My three year research council funding ran out at the end of September 2010 and, whilst I’m at my desk every weekday, progress is very slow and the act of stating goals and targets, and then assessing movement against them, will help – so my motives are entirely selfish, and if anyone cares to follow my journey over the next few months, then that’s a bonus.
This is my first attempt at a blog of any sort, so it’ll be basic – no links, pictures or bells and whistles, just a truthful account of what I hope to achieve in the next few days, and a weekly update. The act of writing it down should promote a level of self-examination that isn’t happening at the moment – but it mustn’t turn into another work-avoidance technique, so it’ll be a quick Friday lunchtime update, starting on 7th January 2011.
So, best wishes to anyone who's picked this up,

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