Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 – probably too early to see if this blog works for me!

As an exercise in being accountable to the wider world, this week I have set up this blog and all its various accounts and passwords, had a useful session with my supervisor during which we agreed to arrange a date for my next formal university assessment, and spent a day having (and recovering from) root canal work – ouch!

Next week I will lick my literature review into shape. I have had trouble generating academic quantities of words, and my earlier versions of literature reviews barely scraped 8,000 words. However, the recent trick of writing discrete chunks and then adding them together seems to have worked, so I now have 20,000 words describing a long and aimless wander around my three key points. I also have, in my head, a different review which is relevant, concise, justifies my research and resolves itself with three neat research questions. I need to stop tweaking the details of the 20,000 word review, turn it on its head and pummel it into the review that complements my research – let’s see how I get on!

I will also sort out fonts and formatting for my blog!
Meanwhile, in the real world, we have snowdrop leaves peeping up maybe 1cm in the garden in sunny south Manchester.

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