Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 3 - mixed reviews!

So, I did my 3 hours on Sunday, did a major tidy up and sorted all my papers. During the week I've re-read maybe 30 papers - about half of them - made brief notes on old-fashioned paper, put some to one side as they were clogging up the process and am currently circling round the new, short synthesis - about 300 words long at the moment. So even though the word count is low, I have cleared the decks and done some serious thinking around the research problem, reaching a state of clarity not previously attained. I still need to get all this down "on paper" and, without a date for the next formal evaluation, I don't have that crucial deadline.

My blog does, however, have 1 lovely follower now - hello, E! So I'm not a billy-no-mates any more and you can hold me to account for my pitiful word count. It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference to next week's reported word count.

 Meanwhile, in the real world, various bulbs are emerging in the garden and I'm off to the Lake District for the weekend for a walking birthday party - hoping for good winter weather!

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  1. Well your 3 hours on Sunday makes up for your long weekend this weekend :-)

    I have decided to take a similar approach to getting to nub of Critical Realism. Having finally reached the point where I've decided CR is for me I have syphoned off the articles (and there aren't many - yeah!) and am going to read them and try and critically analyse's hoping. But that's not for is more analysis...

    Have a fab weekend :-)