Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 - not a good week

So this week I've been a bit rubbish and now I have to account for my lack of progress - that's the idea of this blog so there's nowhere to hide!

The wheels of academia are in motion for setting a date for my next formal evaluation, and I have one document with front pages, contents list, appendices and ready to go - apart from the literature review which is still in my head. Advice from a learned friend is that reducing text - in my case from a sprawling and incomplete 20,000 words to a tidy 3,000 - doesn't work and I should start again.

So, next week I will come in on Sunday morning for 3 hours and make a start - the pressue is ON!

Meanwhile, in the real world, I have seen The King's Speech and a kingfisher when I was out with the dog.

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